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Unfortunately, due to my growing popularity and those that are obsessed and feel the need to stalk me and my family, I will no longer be blogging or tweeting. I do apologize to those of you who are normal followers, however, I will be strictly on facebook from this point forward. ūüôā I hope YOU had a fabulous Christmas and have a wonderful 2010. ‚̧


Fresh From Uppercase Living in California!

2009 Fall/Winter Idea Catalog

This beautiful catalog includes several new features that will get everyone excited and create incredible new opportunities to make some extra money for anyone who signs up with Uppercase Living.

14 New Accessories Including:

· Mini Punched Metal Tile ($9.95)
· Clear Acrylic Block ($11.95)
· Glass Charger with Easel (14.95)
· Pre-drilled MDF Board ($15.95)
       with Metal Hooks ($6.95), Vintage Knobs ($11.95), and Bulldog Clips ($6.95)
· Glass Coasters (set of four-$9.95)
· Vinyl Effects-a clear liquid that gives a raised glossy appearance to any vinyl ($5.95)
· A new line of craft paint in 12 colors that coordinated perfectly with our vinyl ($2.45) 

·6 New Colors: Lemon Chiffon · Fairytale Pink · Varsity Blue · Robin’s Egg · Herb Garden · Hot Cocoa

· Chalk Wall Galore! First previewed in April, we have now added three theme packs and a blank rectangle to our product line  and  now offer seven chalk wall items.
     · Rectangle Panel ($14.95)
     · Flower Confetti Theme Pack ($29.95)
     · Tags & Tidbits Theme Pack ($29.95)
     · Stars & Dots ($29.95) 
     · Doodle Board Kit ($24.95)
     · Weekly Calendar Kit ($24.95)
     · Home Organization Kit ($24.95)

· 15 new fonts 

With all of the buzz and excitement that is coming from conference I cannot wait to see what is all announced by the end of the week! Stay tuned for more updates! I will post as soon as I receive them to keep everyone else in the loop…

Pre-order your very own copy of the new catalog today.  Email me and reserve your copy now!

Book a show now and be one of the first to earn all the FABULOUS new items!!

Uppercase Living Announcements Straight from Convention!!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to convention this year – which was a huge bummer because it’s in California and oh wouldn’t it have been nice to make it & visit friends and family that I haven’t seen in years? But anyhow – on the positive side.. we have¬†many different demonstrators who are attending convention twittering and facebooking to keep us deprived ones in the loop! Thank you girls!! So as I receive updates I will post them for all of you!¬†

Here’s the first one!¬†


  • Square frameworks
  • Acrylic block
  • Glass coasters
  • Another mdf board
  • Glass charger
  • Paint
  • Knobs, like the medallion
  • Lots of chalk wall
  • New colors: varsity blue, robin’s egg, lemon chiffon, fairytale pink, hot cocoa, and herb garden
  • You will be able to put embellishments on MyDesign
  • There are pics of the starter kit on the back of the catalog
  • Polka dots, and stripes
  • A fully functioning clock

Amazing Uppercase Living Special!

Happy Summer!

I have some amazing deals that will likely more than cover the cost of a start up kit. Please read this entire post if you have been looking for a way to create an extra income from home, and if you enjoy the Uppercase Living product line.

Uppercase Living’s SUMMER SPLASH Incentive:
UL is running a Summer Splash promotion right now for new demonstrators to take advantage of. UL has two “starter kits” full of everything you need to get your Uppercase Living business off the ground; one is $99 and one is $199. Normally these kits come with$25 and $100 in free product credit, respectively (in addition to numerous other items), but until 10:00 p.m. Thursday, July 23 you will get a product credit of $50 with the $99 kit, or $150 with the $199 kit, when you sign up. Wow!

For ALL new demonstrators who sign up from my website by 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, June 30, I will purchase your first pack of the fabulous, new Fall/Winter catalogs when they come out in August. This is a $25 value.

Now I’m adding my own incentives to kick it up a notch!


Cristina’s PURPLE Incentive:
Be the FIRST new demonstrator to sign up from my website by 9:00 p.m. Tuesday, June 30 and I will also give you $25 in cash!

Think about this: You can purchase a starter kit for $99, get $50 in product credit from Uppercase Living, get a free pack of catalogs ($22 value) and get$25 cash back if you are the first to take advantage of this offer. Add all those incentives up and you’ve basically gotten the value of your starter kit back in product and cash. You could stop here and it would be a great deal; keep reading for more incentives!

Cristina’s BLUE Incentive:
How about another incentive to push it over the top? As a new demonstrator with Uppercase Living you have a three month “UpStart” period. In those three months if you submit a minimum of two Open Houses with at least $1000 in sales, UL will give you an additional$100 in product credit (and for every additional $400 in sales you
submit during UpStart you’ll get another $50 in product credit).this is the Blue incentive: The first new demonstrator who signs up from my website by 7:00 p.m. Friday, June 26, and who can come to the following Open House that I have can have that show put in their name instead of in mine! As long as the show qualifies ($200 in sales), this will give you the first of your two UpStart shows. I will split the commission on this show with you (email for details), and also share any of the Open¬† Houses booked from that show with you! That way hopefully we can get your second UpStart open house scheduled as well. With this incentive you will be well on your way to a successful start to establishing an Uppercase Living business.¬†

Please make sure you note the deadlines and terms of the different incentives above; also make sure to sign up from my website (that’s the home page; you can click on the Join My Team link or just click here to go directly to the sign up page). If you want to find out if the “first demonstrator who” incentives have already been won, just drop me a quick email. Remember, ALL new demonstrators who sign up by June 30 will get the Red incentive (free pack of catalogs) no matter what. Please make sure you note the deadlines and terms of the different incentives above; also make sure to sign up from my website (that’s the home page; you can click on the Join My Team link or just click here to go directly to the sign up page). If you want to find out if the “first demonstrator who” incentives have already been won, just drop me a quick email. Remember, ALL new demonstrators who sign up by June 30 will get the Red incentive (free pack of catalogs) no matter what.

That’s not the Blue incentive,


Click here to sign up now! https://cristinamarie.uppercaseliving.net/EnrollmentStep1.m

Live Expressively!!

Uppercase Living Giveaway!

babyluxeBabyLuxe.com is loving Uppercase Living so much that they are offering a free GIVEAWAY for a ‚ÄúWinners Choice‚ÄĚ Expression to one lucky reader! How amazing is that?!

Hurry and enter today ‚Äď contest ends June 4th!

You could be the lucky one & finally get to have that expression you had been holding off on! Just click here to enter & good luck!!

I am OFFICIALLY kicking off my Summer 09

It’s Memorial Weekend and the rain doesn’t seem to want to give up the fight! But that’s ok – this weekend is the traditional mark of the beginning of Summer. Flip flops, shorts, sunglasses, suntans, the lake, fishing, camping – just an entire season of being outdoors and enjoying the sunshine. Something that is really important when you are forced to live in the snow and ice for a good 4 months of the year (at least).

My babies are at their grandmas for the holiday, my older boys have “plans” and I am left here with the bewilderment of grasping what it is like to not have children constantly at your side tugging and begging for something. While I miss them all deeply – I have to admit, it is quite lovely. The peace and quiet. The lack of urgency. No ridiculous emergencies because someone took someone else’s toothbrush. I can definitely oooohssfabrah this weekend.

If the rain stops I will be heading to the lake. If it doesn’t I’m not sure if I want to make that drive. We’ll see. Maybe I can surprise my better half with a visit to cheer his work filled weekend up. But that’s a long drive too. I’m pretty sure the 7 hours I was in my car yesterday isn’t helping me build any excitement on this whole road trip thing. He told me last night he’d buy me a plane ticket so I wouldn’t have to drive. Hmmm.. tempting.

However, I also would like to spend the time without any conflicts getting stuff done around the house. Starting Olyvia’s flowers. Cleaning out closets. Packing away the winter stuff. Ooooh. Need a new bathing suit too. We are planning an all girls fishing trip in June and that would be nice to plan and organize now. And then there’s the 4th of July. Our big event. See? Summer brings so much in my schedule that I don’t know if I can waste a weekend without the little ones.

I do love all of my friends though. With so many that have moved in so many different places they make it very hard to get all together. And of course they all want me for themselves! LOL I love you girls – have a UL party and I definitely can work it in one way or another LOL…

This week I installed (2) expressions for a client and I just want to say.. if you are a customer of mine and have any type of textured walls РI would be more than happy to schedule a time to do the install, help you with it or even just be there to oversee it. These walls were highly textured and let me tell you.. that was a case of tender loving care! They were beautiful when I was done though. My hands were numb from the hair dryer technique but we had beautiful walls!

Between installs, wedding coordinators and the Summer Splash event I have been so busy this week. It started off beautifully, Mr.Man made it back in town late Sunday afternoon and we spent the evening having a nice dinner and cuddling to a tear jerking movie. And it ended well, with so many new contacts, new appointments and new shows scheduled, booked & on the calendar.

Now I better get off of here and get my work done so I can figure out what my weekend is going to entail. On my to do list – DEFINITELY buy a new grill.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Memorial Weekend. Eat, relax and remember those we have lost.

p.s. KT – now that you will be in Dodge so much more with the new boy toy – we get to plan another crazy Summer.. dunno if we can out do last Summer BUT it’s going to be fun trying! Love you girl!

OOOh Free Stuffs!

Check out this giveaway! Definitely want to enter to win one of these precious prints!!


Newest Make N Takes

0508090857After our regional meeting with the HH for the state – Susan & April – our team here in Fort Dodge decided on some new make & takes for our area (not so new for other regions) – and I just wanted to show how cute they look!!

Plastic Badge Holders РWalmart $1.67 for 12 of them, add some ribbon, a sample word and your favorite wallet size photo and you have yourself the most adorable on the go photo frame!

Love it!

My Baby & Tooth Tunes

Uppercase Living Application Videos

I love Uppercase Living!! With so many requests for a REAL video for customers to refer to – to watch as many times as they need to.. Uppercase Living has released official videos on our websites. Thank you!!

Take a moment and bookmark it for future reference!

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